Several years ago, the UK led the way in cutting fraud for cardholder present transactions by introducing EMV which many of you will know as "Chip and Pin". After phasing out the swiping of cards with customers signing for transactions and requiring people to use their PIN to confirm a transaction, fraud was cut overnight. Sadly it wasn't a total success as although we stopped fraud over in the UK, fraud of UK cards moved abroad. This is because outside the UK, not all countries have rolled out EMV even to this day. On the plus side, as these countries roll out EMV, we will become even more protected.

Separately, in cardholder not present transactions, for many years now, we have been trying to combat both credit / debit card fraud (both online and over the phone transactions) and online banking fraud.

Its Elixir Site
Its Elixir Site
As some of you may know, I own a software development company and we have been busy working away to build our first piece of software - a fully featured Shopping Cart / eCommerce solution. This was started after getting annoyed with existing solutions on the market and wanting a solution where everything was included out of the box.

I am now pleased to say that this morning, after 2 years of development, we have now launched Viper Cart on the Its Elixir (a skin and hair care products business I am also involved with) website. This is in alpha form with a few features missing including a fully functional administration area but everything that does work is fairly stable. We spent a lot of time testing to make sure of this.

There has been 8 orders through the system since we set it live so it is obviously working as intended.

Time to start blogging again I think. I did previously have a blog several years ago but when switching between servers, I never set it back up again.

The designer I use for websites I build was really late with a design so ended up throwing in this site design free of charge. I think it looks rather good.

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I am a technology enthusiast living up in Carlisle, Cumbria in the UK and am the managing director of Its Elixir which sells Henna Hair Care Products and Ear Candles, Craig Brass Systems which creates and custom develops quality software and LonsdaleNET which delivers high speed wireless and fibre optic broadband in Cumbria.