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A common question on the T-Mobile UK forum (where I post at frequently) is about Content Lock and how to remove it. Content Lock is a system enabled by default on all lines when they are first setup that prevents access to 18 rated material and sites with unmoderated content.

When you visit a site that is blocked, it gives you the ability to remove content lock using a credit card but after trying it on multiple accounts, I have found this doesn't work nor does the suggested call to 1818. The following methods for disabling content lock do work, though.

Via My T-Mobile
If a Contract customer, you can login to My T-Mobile and click the My Price Plan link on the left. If you have multiple lines, you will then need to select the mobile number in the top right conrner. Somewhere on this page, depending on your account type, there will be a tick box option titled "Remove Content Lock". Simply tick this and then press the Update button.

Over the Phone
If you call customer services, they will be able to remove content lock for you. If you are a contract customer, they will remove it as soon as you pass security. For PAYG customers, they will ask you for details from a Credit Card in order to confim you are over 18.

In Store
For contract customers, if you go into a T-Mobile store with your phone or mobile broadband stick, they will remove content lock right away for you. For PAYG customers, you need to go in with photo ID to prove you are over 18. They will then remove it for you.

Whichever way you remove content lock, you will need to disconnect from the internet first and then reconnect to be able to browse content lock blocked sites. You may also need to clear browser cache. If this still doesn't work, try restarting the phone / computer.

Personally I think that on contracts it should be disabled by default because only over 18s can sign up to a contract and parents can enable the projection if they are giving the phone / mobile broadband stick to somebody under 18. The argument for keeping it on PAYG is the fact that anyone can buy a PAYG phone / mobile broadband stick and access these sites. I personally disagree with this considering the number of parents who have unrestricted internet access at home anyway. Also remember that a quick search of Google can show you how to bypass any of these blocks easily. I doubt the situation will be changing any time soon, though.

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