After being convinced by my girlfriend wood desks were the way to go in the new office (personally was a fan of black glass), I found out just how hard it was to find something I actually liked.

After trolling the usual furniture sites, I resorted to Google Images to easily hunt and came across where somebody had essentially ordered a custom cut slab of wood from a supplier and mounted legs to it. While I didn't like the metal legs they had mounted, I liked the idea of a slab of wood for a desk.

The supplier they used was Wood Worktops and I popped a call in and spoke to the very helpful Kalina and on a couple of occasions I think her partner - I think they are a family run firm. The initial idea was for 2 oak desks but after discussing with them, I also thought a display unit could be built out of the same wood to match in. Some drawings on a piece of paper with a joiner who had been doing some other work in the house for me later (G W Joinery), we had a cutting list for Wood Worktops and send this off to them.

3 days later, as promised, the wood arrives...

Fitting together took essentially a day for the joiner. The desks had a frame of squares fitted to the underneath for support and then 4 strips of similar wood glued together for each of the legs.

The shelving unit was screwed and glued together resuling in the very nice looking unit below. The boxes with handles my cat decided to jump into are Ikea Drona boxes which I had made sure the unit would fit these in when planning the design.

All in all, very happy with the outcome. Certainly beats my idea of black glass! Anyone considering such a unit should note this is certainly not a cheap way of kitting out an office. The entire project cost around £1,300 including joiner time but the result is something that will last for years. I applied Danish Oil as it produced a nice finish but something I plan to do every year to protect the wood.

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