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So, having watched the second election debate last night, along with a large number of the population if early viewing figures released are anything to go by, we are now in full swing and ready for polling day in just under 2 weeks time.

After listening to the issues raised in the previous debate and this debate along with the planned topics for next week's debate, it got me thinking about the satirical British sitcom Yes, Minister and the sequel, Yes, Prime Minister. I previously seen all episodes of this on UK Gold and notice they have once again been showing it in the run up to the election. Anyway, thinking about it and looking back at the episode list, it is amazing how many episodes actually are similar to current affairs, some of which I have detailed below.

Today it has been proved that small villages don't need to be left behind when it comes to faster speed internet access. Rutland Telecom found that there was nothing stopping them performing what is known as Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU).

Some of you may know of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU - very common in the UK) where a company fits their own equipment in the telephone exchange and then simply connect lines to their equipment instead of the incumbent operator's equipment. This allows them to bypass the incumbent's network and cut costs. Sub Loop Unbundling on the other hand is done by building a new cabinet next to an existing street cabinet, fitting some equipment into it and then connecting lines to this equipment instead of to the initial street cabinet. The advantage of this is your syncronisation speed is then determined by the distance you are from the street cabinet rather than the distance from the exchange.

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