Blog - September 2009 Archive

Well, its official. T-Mobile (the company I have business mobile contracts for a few businesses I am involved with) and Orange have decided to merge operations within the UK.

T-Mobile has had the "For Sale" sign on its UK operation for a few months now to reduce debt at the parent company - Deutsche Telekom. Both O2 and Vodafone had shown some interest based on media speculation but in the end they have opted for a deal which will see a new company in the UK created - the name of which has not yet been announced (although The Register appear to like T-Orange) - and both Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom (Orange UK's parent company) getting a 50% stake each. Both the T-Mobile and Orange brands will stay for at least 18 months but after that we will most likely see these phased out and replaced with a single new name. During the next 18 months, through, back office staff will be merged within the company with the aim of cost cutting and removing duplication.

I am a technology enthusiast living up in Carlisle, Cumbria in the UK and am the managing director of Its Elixir which sells Henna Hair Care Products and Ear Candles, Craig Brass Systems which creates and custom develops quality software and LonsdaleNET which delivers high speed wireless and fibre optic broadband in Cumbria.