About Me

Initially from a little village called Crosby Ravensworth in Cumbria, a county known for its outstanding natural beauty, I now live in Carlisle near the Scotish border.

I have a keen interest in technology and keep a close eye on the industry. I am often testing new products and software. Through my work in Craig Brass Systems, I have experiance in the whole software life cycle including writing specifications, project managing a development team and testing work done as well as deploying these systems into live enviroments.

Despite my age, I take an interest in politics as you will notice from my Twitter feed. Government waste is a subject I am often commenting on!

While many have critisised the 'big socity' policy of the new Government, coming from a small rural village, I have support for it. While a form of 'big society' has always existed in rural Cumbria, giving it a title is always good. I generally enjoy helping people and projects out where I can which fits in with the policy. An example being the village I am originally from where the community purchased the pub to keep it open. I helped out with all things technical.

I left school while in 6th form after deciding further education wasn't for me and have since become involved with and started a few businesses as detailed below.

Its Elixir
Set up as a health and beauty company several years ago, I got involved helping with the website and other technical aspects back when I was at school. The focus was on creating an own brand range items including skin care products and supplements.

After around 3-4 years of trying to get the own brand ranges off the ground, time (everyone involved had other interests elsewhere) and finance from the people involved was becoming a problem and the company was left to me. I dumped the own brand products very quickly and focussed on two products manufactured by other companies delivered to the company ready to sell: Henna Hair Care Products and Ear Candles.

After a lot of work optimising the website for search engines, expanding onto sales channels such as Amazon, increasing advertising and making other brands of Henna and Ear Candles available, Its Elixir has become a successful mail order business that I run on my own taking up several hours a week packing orders, managing customer contact, etc.

Craig Brass Systems
Set up while working on Its Elixir, I founded this company to develop a better eCommerce / Shopping Cart solution in PHP / MySQL than was already on the market.

While working on the Shopping Cart solution, we developed a number of smaller paid and free applications (and even hardware) released via Cool App Lab as well as begun offering custom development to other companies via Aqua Develop specialising in back end management systems for companies.

With a lot of my family living in rural areas and having poor broadband, in late 2010 I begun investigating ways of improving broadband in the village of Cliburn which has speeds ranging from 7Mbps all the way down to 1Mbps mainly due to bad joint boxes for the copper cables within the village.

I had followed both the Lyddington Fibre to the Cabinet and the Ashby de la Launde Fibre to the Premise projects as examples for rural villages over the year and begun to investigate both options. I quickly realised Fibre to the Cabinet was a bit of a dead end solution with the only asset generally owned by the company set up being the cabinet with everything else leased, generally from BT.

LonsdaleNET was the result of my efforts and set up to provide fibre optic and wireless broadband services within Cumbria.

I am a technology enthusiast living up in Carlisle, Cumbria in the UK and am the managing director of Its Elixir which sells Henna Hair Care Products and Ear Candles, Craig Brass Systems which creates and custom develops quality software and LonsdaleNET which delivers high speed wireless and fibre optic broadband in Cumbria.